2017 Women in BUILD Awards

2017 Women in BUILD Awards 2017 Build 21 Company: Protek Products Contact: Harriet Farquhar Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Crowne Trading Estate, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5QQ, UK Phone: 01749 344697 Website: www.protekwoodstain.co.uk rotek supply both the industrial manufacturing and retail sector of the timber industry. The Protek wood stain range originated in the 1980s, using only water-based technology for the treatment and preservation of wood. This was a time when most people still used creosote to treat their timber. Originally, the mission at Protek was to change the manufacture of all fencing and shed products to the firm’s new water-based stains and treatments. Staff promoted the use of water-based wood stain formulas, containing organic pigments, against oil and solvent based high VOC (volatile organic compounds) products as the way forward. Recently, the team has invested in its retail range, marketing its retail products more to the female end user, and this includes the colours made and the packaging the team have designed. Protek employ the same number of women as men and their roles are across the board, financial, technical, marketing and sales. Harriet discusses the company culture at Protek, nothing how the company constantly stays ahead of developments to stay ahead of any advances within the industry. “Integral to our success, we are a family run company who recognises the pressures of modern business; we are committed to forming partner- ships with our customers and suppliers that will be beneficial to all. We feel it is important to be ahead of the game and plan for the future.” Keeping true to its ethos; the team aim to have as little environmental impact as possible and to use the safest ingredients. Harriet signs off by how she has noticed a slight change in the industry with regards to more women being involved. “Historically, the timber industry has been very male dominated and not very much has changed over the years. Having worked twenty years in the industry, it is only recently that things have slowly started to change. I very rarely meet women within the same line of work in this industry.. However, I have a great deal to do with the chemical industry and am happy to say that most of these positions are now filled by women which has been a significant and welcome change from when I began. Protek Products BUILD Woman of the Year for Preservative Timber Coatings 2017 & Best Wood Coatings Manufacturer - UK Protek is a UK based family-run business that has been at the forefront of water-based, environmentally considerate timber treatments and decorative coatings for generations. We profile and spoke to Harriet Farquhar, Managing Director to find out more about the success of the company. P WIB17001

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