2017 Women in BUILD Awards

Build 2017 Women in BUILD Awards 2017 16 Company: ARCH&also Contact: Ashlie Latiolais Contact Email: [email protected] Address: P.O. Box 52884, Lafayette, LA, 70505, USA Phone: 001 337 288 8632 shlie Latiolais, AIA, NCARB is an Assistant-Professor at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette and Principal of ARCH&also residential and research practice. With each project, ARCH&also focuses on the impact architecture has on the well-being of humanity and seeks to vivify the experiential within everyday life. ARCH&also is a firm about inclusiveness, and is set apart by the ‘both/ and’ approach to architecture. The firm possesses a diverse resume of projects, both speculative and built works. In the past years, ARCH&also has undertaken a series of projects with commonalities, predominately in custom residential renovations, additions and occupiable performative installations. Customer satisfaction is important to Ashlie and her company, and as such, she talks about the range of clients that the company collaborates with, alluding also to the firm’s overall mission of exceeding client expectations. “Essentially, our clients range from homeowners to choreographers all with specific goals and intentions for their projects. The intimate relationship that is established between the architectural team and clients allows for a welcoming and conducive environment for learning, growth, opportunity and creativity. It is our mission that we transform client’s ideas into realities and, most importantly, go beyond their expectations, we take pride in this resolution finding strategy.” Versatile, ARCH&also offers a full range of services, from pre-design ideation, construction documents, to construction administration and consulting, depending upon the scope of the project. Within the firm, the staff fluxes between women and men, and specifically, does not differentiate. Each candidate is assessed on the same level of competency amongst gender, race, ethnicity. “Significantly, I tend to stream interest from female talent because of my integrated role as an Instructor and the University of Louisiana – Lafayette’s American Institute of Architecture (AIAS) Faculty Advisor. In this position, I am able to exemplify female success by staying true to my convictions to emerging designers within the Academy.” Looking ahead, ARCH&also currently has several exciting projects in the works for 2018, from collaborative performance projects encompassing the worlds of architecture, dance, and projection mappings, to rethinking an heirloom residential property in rural southern Louisiana. “Ultimately, as women, we view the world in a unique way; our individuality should be shared, harnessed, and celebrated amongst our colleagues and peers.” ARCH&also Most Industrious Woman in Custom Residential Renovations & BUILD Excellence Award for Residential Installations ARCH&also was established in 2012 rooted in the idea that all forms of design matter. Principal of the firm, Ashlie Latiolais gives us an insight into her and the company’s success. A WIB17003

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