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Build Magazine 52 Personnel Dribuild Group might be new on the scene, but it has shown all the signs of a rapidly growing contracting business, and is enjoying strong and robust growth based on a reputation for quality, service and, crucially, adapting its offer to perfectly serve the specific needs of the South West of the UK. This has included the introduction of a new division dedicated to serving and supporting the all-important affordable housing market. It achieves this through having diversified into a number of divisions, giving them a greater degree of flexibility than most competing firms in their industry, and a much broader understanding of what it takes to succeed as a construction contractor. ounded in 2008, Dribuild was initially set up as a sub-contractor offering ceilings and partitioning services. In 2012 the management embarked on a programme to develop and expand the company’s core services and enable the transition from sub-contractor to main contractor. Today, the Dribuild Group portfolio operates across a number of vertical markets, from developments, new build construction and interior fit out to marketing services, working with public and private sector clients. In doing so, Dribuild has enjoyed significant year-on-year growth in revenue, profitability, and staff numbers. As Matt Tyler explains, “we approach all business with new and existing clients in the same way – our business and staff are totally committed to providing The Total Business Experience (TBE).” Through their successful model, Matt and his team evaluate all aspects of contact with their ever- growing base of customers. This proven model includes what Matt describes as the traditional ‘4Ps’ of marketing – place, price, promotion, product – along with people process and service. “This is known as our ‘value chain’. “In addition, we regularly take part in client framework meetings and workshops; not only that, but we also advocate the sharing of best practice and knowledge with clients, suppliers, supply-chain and competitors.” Dribuild Group has also proved itself as an employer of choice and a business that, although still growing, makes a conscientious effort to support the local communities in which it operates. For instance, the establishment of the new Dribuild Developments division has already been successful for the Group in providing a local ‘Starter Home’ concept, working with the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency to deliver low cost homes. Strength, Prosperity, and Adaptability F Delving further into the diversification of the Dribuild brand, Matt reveals that it was the diversification of the company in the wake of a restructuring that has enabled them to make such dramatic headway in their industry. “The external visibility of the Dribuild brand in the marketplace has increased significantly following our successful rebrand and reorganisation,” he says. “This led us away from thinking of Dribuild as a single business entity, and replaced it with the creation of Dribuild Group that incorporated four core divisions within the business; the Group now encompasses Dribuild Ltd, Dribuild Developments, Dribuild Rail, Dribuild Construction, and Dribuild Interiors. This fundamental restructuring has also had the added benefit of refocusing staff and internal management processes to great effect. “As well as the establishment of the Dribuild Developments division, the Group has grown its client base, seen repeat work from existing long-term clients, grown its reputation and profile across the region. We have also opened two new regional offices to facilitate our expansion into new territories.” These represent just a few of the most exciting developments for the Group, but it is also worth Matt’s consideration that there are certain challenges facing the company as they continue to embark on ambitious growth projects. “Following Government cuts to housing association budgets,” Matt relates, “many associations have cut their in-house development teams to make necessary savings. Dribuild identified an opportunity to offer a development solution for housing associations that would share the risk and still support the building of affordable homes.” This led the company to speak to housing associations in the South West, and after conducting extensive market research on their future plans for development, they have emerged in a stronger position than ever, poised to take advantage of an industry under increasing demand for the sort of high- quality, client-friendly service that Dribuild have become known for. This gives Matt especial hope for the future of the Dribuild Group. “We expect to see further growth opportunities within Hotel & Leisure, Retail, Education and Commercial offices,” he says. “Market sector growth is a major target for our business as we continually evolve to ensure that our key divisions are aligned with the market shifts. Our key successes during 2015/16 have provided a solid platform to build upon.” Further consolidation of smaller competitors is likely during the next 12 months, but this may lead to lucrative acquisition opportunities for Dribuild Group. Company: Dribuild Group Ltd Name: Matt Tyler Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Milands House, 4 Rock Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1BP Telephone: 0117 986 1020