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• PROJECT MANAGEMENT • GROUND INVESTIGATION • GEOTHERMAL INSTALLATIONS • CONTAMINATION ASSESSMENTS • LAND APPRAISALS • GEOTECHNICAL DESIGN S M Associates provides a comprehensive ground investigation and consultancy service for all types of construction and development from private housing to major construction projects. Ground risk remains the largest contributor to construction delays, contractor claims and increased costs. In extreme cases unmanaged ground risk may result in catastrophic failure and loss of life, yet experience shows even relatively minor project incidents can have a disproportionate impact on construction, safety, programme and costs. We will support your project from inception to construction through: • Detailed Project Management. • Adherence to Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015. • Development of the Ground Risk Register • Planning of the Ground Investigation appropriate to the Ground Risk. • Implementing a cost effective but thorough Ground Investigation. • Pro-active approach to reducing or eliminating the Ground Risk by producing fully-engineered designs for all stages of the construction cycle. MANAGING GROUND RISK FOR YOU We believe that project culture, partnering arrangements and a genuine cooperative approach to risk management yields significant benefits. MANAGING GROUND RISK FOR YOU