Build November_2016

Build Magazine 26 Design New Pool and Outdoor Living Construction Complete Total Backyard Transformation (Pools, Spas and Outdoor Living). We offer all ranges of services such as innovative 3D swimming pool design, new pool and remodel swimming pool construction, service and retail. ur overall mission” states Shelly, “is to provide a backyard environment that brings peace, reflection, and serenity to our clients with unsurpassable commitment to quality.” This obsession with excellence, and a certain fanatical attention to the customer experience, provide much of the driving force with which Claffey Pools pursues its company vision and demonstrates its mission on a daily basis. “We treat our clients like family,” Shelly expands, “and make a special effort to really become educated on their lifestyle, so that we can provide them with a zone in which they can achieve a tranquil escape to their everyday life. To accomplish this, Shelly employs a team of talented designers and experienced foremen, whose enhanced knowledge of construction and design principles afford the company an effective position from which to make every project a great experience, and a beautiful, functional, working piece of art. The moral and ethical strength of the company is best personified through Shelly’s dynamic leadership role – maintaining a healthy, constructive internal work culture with employees, as well as effective liaisons when dealing externally with customers and the community, Empowering women in a business that years ago was a male oriented business. Women in this industry excel with their creative skills and engage with the women of the house more in today’s world. This comes as an especially prominent theme where Shelly’s own company values are concerned. Her empowering position brings a triumvirate of chief virtues to Claffey Pools: passion, talent and integrity. “I truly enjoy making client connections,” she explains. I truly love helping my customers to see the overall vision that we work on very hard in order to realise it. It is all about relationships and doing what you love to do. I am passionate about my work, and am at my best when I am connecting and creating. “My job,” Shelly concludes, “is to connect with my clients, understand their needs and then design their vision and dream. My reward comes from breathing life into their dreams, and seeing the vision become a reality.” Company name: Claffey Pools Contact: Shelly Claffey Passion, Talent and Integrity “O Best Woman-Owned Swimming Pool Construction Company - Texas