Build July (2016)

Build Magazine 45 Company: HughesBruce Name: Elizabeth Bruce Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Po Box 8, Round Corner Dural NSW 2158 Telephone: 61 2 89202100, Mobile: +61 411852632 Another notable project that HughesBruce is currently working on is the relocation of KONE Elevators’ operations to a new landmark site in Sydney. This project is a pre-lease development with Goodman Australia and is a new 11-floor construction with floor plates of 2000 square meters, into which KONE plan to relocate by mid-2017. This relocation has been brought about by government plans to progress the new WestConnex transport infrastructure, which impacts on KONE’s current premises. The new premises will embrace the flexible ‘Agile’ working philosophy. HughesBruce, and its army of visionaries, believe that the the word ‘office’ will become obsolete, as over time the typical work environment as we know today will become smaller and be transformed as a new model with total flexibility in fulfilling tasks, thus becoming a place for sharing information rather than simply performing the actual tasks. Health and wellness will become increasingly important to the individual and our ability to adapt to ever advancing technology and lifestyle pressures. Interior design solutions, they believe, need to accommodate work areas that fulfil ease and effective collaboration methods, health and wellbeing of the individual, and support client’s objectives for motivation, inspiration and performance. The interior design industry is definitely changing, demanding a new kind of operation with fewer resources, increased speed of production, and widening roles. The industry has also become diluted with several competitive ‘players’ outside of the interior design industry. ‘Smart’ buildings have already exerted a notable impact on the practice of interior design, and will undoubtedly continue into the future. Designers are facing a mounting need to expand their roles further and drive home the benefits of smart design, of intelligent and quality solutions, of space awareness, of flexible work habit solutions, and of sustainable products, to ensure clients receive the maximum benefit to their operations. As such, the Design Strategist approach asserts the leadership role of the designer that is best able to serve clients as the intelligent connectors in the work environment development and evolution.