Build Infrastructure Awards 2016 magazine

Build Infrastructure Awards 10 2S Engineering has extensive experience serving clients with engineering design, retrofits, green building, energy efficiency services, feasibility studies, master planning and commissioning services. Our purpose is to help our clients succeed by providing high quality professional engineering services that are responsive to their needs and the community. Initially the firm was established as a me- chanical and electrical engineering company, but over the years we have grown to become an advanced sustainable MEPT engineering firm. To progress along this path we have developed innovative strategies that allow our market-segments, markets and professional segments-services to grow into dominant positions. We support our employees by being innovative, flexible and adaptable. To be able to function as a leader their wider repertoire of skills and strategies is essential. We invest in this repertoire and use outside related competitive pressure to develop new technologies faster. The vision and philosophy at P2S have been fostered successfully over 25 years, growing the company and its unique competencies into a highly competitive environment that sets the benchmark for all competitors. This benchmark is heavily driven by our internal culture. We at P2S are proud to be part of our company and we be- lieve in the vision of being a team and it’s with this inspiration we approach all of our daily activities. We simply enjoy our work and have a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward it, making every individual an active collaborator in the pursuit of our cor- porate purpose. Therefore our unique perspective and vision defines the P2S purpose, scope of business and the relationship between ourselves and our primary stakeholders. As a firm we offer an exceptional track record of past performance and an excellent understanding of building operations and assessments in the office environment. Our wide range of experience has lead us to have ex- pertise with different types of projects, such as multi-building facilities, biotech, labs, central plants, ports/marine, infrastructure, master plans, energy efficiency, commissioning, technology and much more. We are nationally ranked as one of the Engineering Giants 300 and honoured to be in the PSMJ Circle of Excellence for exemplary management practices and 2009-2015 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Ultimately there is no future for our firm without qualified engineers to execute our P2S vision. Therefore, P2S has to continue being an attractive workplace, providing a culture to create a long line of creative, talented, and motivated applicants who will challenge the status quo waiting to join our firm. Knowing that engineers are in the TOP 10 careers experiencing talent P Best Full-Service Infrastructure Engineering Firm - USA & Innovation Award for High Performance Green Building Design P2S Engineering, Inc Established in 1991, P2S Engineering, Inc. is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy and technology engineering firm which also offers commission- ing and construction management. We caught up with Kent Peterson to explore how the firm has achieved its success and how it plans to build upon this in the future.