Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards 6 ones FM predominantly manages the Planned Preventative Maintenance of commercial buildings throughout London, with their operations quality checked and supported by their management team. The firm are audited by third party bodies to ensure compliance in a range of areas for their clients; Jones FM manage- ment procedures are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which means that they are both quality assured and environmentally responsible. Bradley and Christopher are proud that their firm is able to deliver a world class Facilities Management service, and believe that Jones FM’s commitment to planned preventative maintenance helps them to offer the best possible service to their clients. “Delivering a world class PPM service allows us to provide a proactive approach to building services maintenance. Rather than leaving works to the point where they have to be reactive, and resolving this when the issue has already arisen, we aim instead to resolve the problem before it has occurred. This methodology means that the overall impact a severe maintenance prob- lem can have on a business is minimised, as we highlight potential problems and instil observation and constant vigilance, which is imposed with checks and routine works. In 2017, we will be introducing condition monitoring systems to our PPM, which will help our clients to predict plant failure and account for life expectancy, which in turn will allow them to budget correctly for the year ahead. “Our current list of client’s ranges from Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work to St Kath- arine Docks. As well as providing a world class maintenance service, we also have a full team of fabrics support staff, who are available to quote for any additional works required by our clients. Our support team consists of M&E engineers, carpenters, floor layers and decorators. We have a commitment to delivering only the best in customer service. We ensure we keep lines of communication open with all our clients, so they feel that they can contact us with any queries or issues. The majority of our clients have been with Jones FM since the company was formed, and we believe that this shows how successful we are in delivering the customer service we strive for, as our clients wish to continue working with us year on year.” Jones FM aim to become the number one provider for maintenance services internationally as they look to the future. Bradley and Christopher explain that, since their formation, they have developed procedures and processes to ensure that they have built a fantastic management team, which is sup- ported by a great team of their engineers, who will work on sites to complete the necessary works. “We are constantly growing our remit, and this has involved the expansion of our staff for both the management and engineering teams. We believe this only attests to our growth trajectory and proves that we are capable of further expansion in the years to come. We are honoured to have won this award, and it is great to see that our hard work, and determination to ensure works are done to the highest of standards, is being recognised. Our success in winning this award is due to our team’s commitment to the Jones FM ethos of doing a job to the best of their ability and for the most competitive of prices. “Jones FM has been accredited with our ISO 9001 and 14001 for a few years now, and we have successfully passed our audits year on year, with the correct management procedures in place across all levels. We have recently passed our Carbon Neutral assessment, and we came in at 56 tonnes lower than our estimated initial assessment. We are committed to eliminating waste and emissions from our operations, as we not only want to be successful in business, but we also wish to ensure that we are socially responsible. Most Client-Focused Facilities Management Company - South East England Jones FM provides Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) on both a mobile or static engineer basis for building owners, managing agents and facilities managers. The firm’s building services maintenance guaran- tee provides a minimum response time, with a cost effective and quality approach to all a client’s PPM needs, varying from Fan Coil Unit maintenance through to five year Fixed Electrical Testing. We spoke to Bradley and Christopher Jones to find out more about how their firm helps to reduce the need for reactive maintenance for their clients. J FM160053 Company: Jones FM Name: Bradley and Christopher Jones Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Jones Facilities Management, Corinthian House, Cotton Lake, Galleon, Boulevard, Crossways Business Park, Dartford, Kent, DA2 6QE Telephone: 01474 854 117