Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

2016 Facilities Management Awards Build 45 aturZone soon found that homeowners and businesses were in- terested in utilizing less toxic pest control solutions, if they could still get the desired result. Initially green pest control technology was hard to sell, due to a great deal of doubt about the effective- ness of the programs. However, as Doug notes, after successfully providing a service to major hospitals, schools, and office building clients who would testify to the effectiveness of their concept, things began to change. “Soon, in our hometown of Sarasota, we became recognized as a leading commercial pest control company, which just happened to be green. We successfully started to license the concept in the mid-2000’s, and now have licensees spreading our green pest control concept around the world; we are now in the USA, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. As the public became more interested in our green pest control solutions, the company began to grow exponentially. Our business has grown by over 600% between 2005 and 2016, and we continue with annual double digit growth each year. In 2015, our revenues increased by 34% over the previous year. “The pest control industry that once laughed at our green pest control concept is now trying to utilize the same idea - nearly 30 years after we first suggested the concept. In fact, most progressive pest control companies today either already have, or will soon launch, a green pest control system. The NaturZone difference is that the only program we have offered since 1988 is effective green pest control services. Our services include interior and perimeter commercial pest control, rodent exclusion and removal, termite treatments, racoon and other wildlife removal, bed bug chemical and heat remediation services and bioremediation for flies and odours. “We expect to continue with growth of more than 20%, year on year. My son Andrew recently graduated from college with an MBA, and has now joined the firm, with the intention of taking over its management in the future. We are looking forward to continuing the success of NaturZone together.” Best Global Pest Control Company 2016 NaturZone has been providing award winning green pest control solutions to homes and businesses since 1988, with stunning success. When the company was founded, the pest control industry trend was to make heavy applications of pesticides monthly, to all areas of the structure. Most people thought the green pest con- trol concept offered by NaturZone would only be attractive to environmentalists, and it was met with a great deal of scepticism within the pest control industry. Doug Longfellow told us about how his company’s concept is becoming an increasingly sought after service in the pest control industry. N FM160026 Company: NaturZone Pest Control Name: Doug Longfellow, President Web Address: Address: 1899 Porter Lake Drive, unit 103, Sarasota FL USA 34240 Telephone: 1-866-390-7378