Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

2016 Facilities Management Awards Build 43 he main challenge that London Linen Group has faced in the past 12 months has been how to creatively and comprehensively deal with producing 300 tons of various waste annually. Traditionally, most of this would go to a landfill site, with this including over 100 tons of used linen, the second biggest polluter on the planet. Working with trusted partners, the firm now recycle all of their linen waste. The firm supplies this linen to Marks & Spencer, who use the quality linen to create limited edition tote bags, some of which were on sale earlier this year. The profits from this bag went to Unicef, and raised thousands for children around the world. London Linen Group have created the first closed loop supply chain in the industry, from jackets to disposal and recycling. For their general waste, the firm purchased a compactor; the contents of which are sifted through, and what can be recycled is collected and the rest is made in to fuel pellets. The firm also purchased a baler for their cardboard, and are now paid for every bale produced, alongside being paid for every fuel pellet collected. In all areas of waste management, London Linen Group’s green credentials are now at the level the firm set out to achieve. The initial expenditure from this has been countered with the savings made on less waste collection, and the profits from the cardboard and pellets. Winning this award has cement- ed the firm’s achievements this year, and has boosted their determination to stay at the pinnacle of the laundry industry. For many years, the London Linen Group has enjoyed steady growth, due in main to their commitment to quality in both their products and their customer service. Looking to the future, the firm will continue to expand the business at their London location and further their ambitions across the country, within facilities where they believe their creative and comprehensive approach can be mirrored in many aspects of the business. The firm will also be looking to sustain their developments in waste management; they in- tend to promote awareness throughout their business, clientele and beyond about the low environmental impact and the creative ways in dealing with waste that they have developed. In a rapidly changing world, the footprint of London Linen Group is increasingly important, and sustainability will be at the heart of the firm’s approach to facilities. Best Workwear & Linen Supplier - South England & Hospitality Linen Supplier of the Year - South England The London Linen Group supply provides everything from standard table and chefs wear to bespoke linen and napkins, for both group and independent restaurants in London and across the UK; the firm supplies around 2 million items a week on a rental basis. T FM160028 Company: London Linen Group Web Address: