Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards 36 utureworks (Yorkshire) CIC Ltd was established in direct response to industry demand, providing all construction con- tractors and consultants with an opportunity to meet a client’s social value obligations and future workforce needs. We pride ourselves on: • Being demand led and individually focused • Delivering apprenticeships when it would normally be impractical • Building additional capacity and planning for the future • Bringing a high quality and sustainable contribution to the industry and communities We are one of only eight organisations in the country doing this, and our fo- cus is on providing a personal and industry centred service to each compa- ny, whilst keeping in mind our ‘vision’ to educate, inspire, and support young people to develop careers, supported by industry. Thus, we are making a significant contribution to building the future skilled workforce. At Futureworks (Yorkshire) CIC Ltd, we employ, mentor and support technical or trade apprentices covering the entire construction spectrum. We recruit locally for the full duration of the apprenticeship, placing them on projects as required by companies. The apprentice gains high quality experiential learning, whilst successfully completing their diploma and devel- oping their career aspirations. This is particularly important given the needs of clients to support and raise the attainment and aspirations of individuals within the communities they serve. The passion and dedication of our team is key to the success of Futureworks (Yorkshire) CIC Ltd. The team always go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs, but we would not be successful if it wasn’t for our business supporters as they are key in supporting apprentices in building their futures. Winning this award recognises our dedication and achievements to date, which we hope will continue in to the future. You could say that we have achieved a form of alchemy by making real a magical process of combining multiple parts of an apprenticeship across projects and their host companies. The workforce of the future is a tangible precious commodity and the shared apprenticeship model utilised by us is producing real skills gold every day from our talented young people. Looking ahead, there are changes on the horizon with the introduction of the apprenticeship levy. We are prepared for increased demand for our services, particularly with the micro and SME sector, as the significant skills shortage in the industry is not being addressed quickly enough. Under investment over the last 30 years has seen the major crisis explode. The recruitment of apprentices, both traditionally and through shared programmes, is the only way to have a quality led fast track solution as it ensures maximisation of every opportunity for apprentices training. Best Facilities Management Apprenticeship Provider - Northern England Futureworks (Yorkshire), a Community Interest Company (CIC), was formed in May 2013, to deliver the award winning YORfuture Shared Apprenticeship Service on behalf of the Construction industry & CITB. Mark Scott, Company Director told us more about this pioneering company. F FM160032 Company: Futureworks Yorkshire CIC Ltd Email: [email protected]