Build Facilities Management Awards 2016

Build 2016 Facilities Management Awards 32 ntrinsic to Current Force’s business is the culture that custom- ers’ requirements are paramount. The firm’s independence ena- bles them to procure high quality, low volume replacements for every area of the built environment - regardless of age or func- tion - and they tailor their offering to fit the unique needs of each building Current Force’s overall mission is to deliver value to customers by taking ownership of their problems and reliably furnishing goods that are compet- itive in price, manufactured for commercial use and supplied within a rea- sonable time frame. They appreciate that in the fast paced world of Facilities Management, ‘time is money’, and the more time their customers can spend servicing their clients, the better. The firm appreciate that whilst price is key in today’s revenue driven market, Engineers and Facilities Managers also require support, through excellent product knowledge, customer service and prompt, convenient deliveries. Today, Current Force supply some of the biggest names in the FM business and many of their customers have been with them in excess of ten years, confirming their continued confidence in the firm’s offering. Combining inno- vate software, leading technologies, a comprehensive technical library and a rich background of experience, the team are able to deal with any enquiry. As a testament to their methods, the firm have increased their customer base by over 10% this year, and have been rewarded with record sales fig- ures. Current Force believe that maintaining this level of service will ensure continued customer satisfaction. The Facilities Management industry continues to develop rapidly across all sectors. Working in such a competitive industry, Current Force believe their greatest asset is their approachable, highly motivated and professional staff, who have extensive experience in Facilities Management and Service Provision. The firm aim to support and develop their relationship with each and every customer by keeping detailed records of goods supplied to each building, ensuring continuity and reliability of supplies. By embracing further technological enhancements, Current Force predict they will be able to respond more quickly and add value to their customer’s supply chain procurement processes by providing feedback to the requester along with status updates. Looking to the future, the team aim to enhance the Current Force brand and increase the efficiency and management of their offering so that their customers’ goals can be met through their improved efficiency, continued quality and reduced costs. Best Building Maintenance Materials Supplier - Greater London Founded in 1993 to cater for the growing building maintenance market, Current Force has always been at the forefront in supplying contractors who are working in the built environment. The firm now specialise in sourcing and supplying everyday essentials and ad-hoc products for all Building Maintenance and Facilities Management requirements. I FM160025 Company: Current Force Web Address: Email Address: [email protected] Telephone: 020 7064 8900 Address: Current Force IFM, 25 St Olav’s Court, Lower Road, London SE16 2XB