Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards

Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards 66 he PaveDrain® system has been utilized by municipalities, pri- vate land owners, developers and home owners. The PaveDrain system is manufactured in conventional block facilities through- out the world benefiting, local economies and keeping freight costs to a minimum. Doug was keen to talk to us more about their latest project, and the challenges associated with this. “Our latest project was a high school parking lot in St. Louis, Missouri. Like most projects, they were way behind schedule and needed to have the park- ing lot ready to go before school started, and the weather was not hindering progress even further. However, the precast concrete block PaveDrain system and its free draining aggregate base is purpose made for this. The PaveDrain system came palletized with 11 square foot layers and was ready to install. The six-man crew installed 49,000 square feet in just seven days! We are proud that we helped get the school open in time, and gave them a 21st century parking lot that is environmentally friendly and low maintenance. “Our block manufacturing plants typically use the latest and greatest man- ufacturing processes to ensure the highest block quality. The contracting community is starting to arm themselves with the best grade and base preparation equipment. This saves them time and money on the jobsite. The PaveDrain system is highly dependent on a well prepared aggregate base.” Doug strongly believes that storm water should not be treated as waste prod- uct. Instead, he believes it needs to be looked at as a valuable resource. “In arid parts of the world, rain is precious, yet it is piped away at a stagger- ing rate and treated as a problem. This resource could be used or reused in grey water applications or manufacturing operations. Looking to the future, we would like to be able to utilise this natural resource further. We are expecting to see double digit growth this year in the United States, and we have recently sold our first international franchise and are excited to see where this takes us. We also have several more international franchises that we are in discussions with.” Best Permeable Pavement Design Manufacturer - USA & Innovation Award for Sustainable Storm Water Infrastructure Solution: PaveDrain PaveDrain, LLC was founded seven years ago by current President and CEO, Doug Buch, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The PaveDrain system is a revolutionary permeable paving system, that incorporates a patented arch design in the middle of an articulating concrete block to create an internal storage chamber, that can be used as a reservoir for storm water runoff, whilst simultaneously providing strength for heavy vehicular loads. T CE160051 Company: PaveDrain, LLC Name: Doug Buch Email: [email protected] Website: Address: 247 Freshwater Way, Suite 520 Milwaukee, WI 53204 Telephone: (888) 575-5339