Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards

2016 Construction & Engineering Awards Build 51 nhabiture has an incredible track record for creating outstand- ing buildings. It is on the forefront of the emerging field of Indoor Ecology, where a healthy biome of interior space is given natural light, living walls and water features, to create a healthy balanced biome within the structure. Forrest Linebarger, Principal of Inhab- iture, commented that “numerous studies link Indoor Ecology Principles with reduced occupant illness, whilst improving the mood and increasing the occupant’s ability to concentrate. We take the health of our buildings seriously, because it effects the health of the occupants.” In many ways, Inhabiture believes that the construction industry has lost its way, with money often being spent in areas that are only for show. Inhabiture finds that they can keep costs down and provide better quality and value by utilizing materials and methods that are both utilitarian and visually stunning. Inhabiture thinks deeply about how people interact with their envi- ronment, and the best ways to create an experience for the occupant that is inspiring, healthy and treads lightly on the earth. Inhabiture utilizes the latest tech and material science to advance building science to an even higher level. Often, they use technology in combination with traditional natural methods that together, achieve greater results than either method can achieve alone. They carefully select their materials and use the correct methods to allow for a successful build. One of the firm’s latest projects involved the design of an incredible custom home in Los Altos Hills, CA. The home’s modern zen aesthetic feels ele- vated, owing to its pure lines and breath-taking siting, but also grounded, owing to the use of simple authentic materials that integrate with the site seamlessly. The tension between these two design aesthetics imbues the structure with a timeless dignity. The careful use of steel, stone and glass give the home a delightful feel, with just enough mystery to enchant the observer into probing deeper into the spaces. The entry is captivating, with its translucent laser cut core-ten steel walls. During the day, the sun dances on the interior though the pinhole shafts of light; at night, a ribbon of LED lights creates a translucent glow from the exterior. The home then opens up into extraordinary views accented by living roof decks. Inhabiture’s current project sees them working on a mixed use space, com- bining a large commercial client’s headquarters, with housing and services for their employees and their families. Best Architectural Award of California Inhabiture Design Inc. designs sustainable modern homes and interiors for tech executives in the Silicon Valley, focusing on the creation of healthy, efficient, modern buildings that are breathtakingly beautiful, and which reflect their client’s values. I DESIGN CE160063 Company: Inhabiture Design Inc. Name: Forrest Linebarger Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 785 Castro Street, Ste A Mountain View, CA 94041 Telephone: 650 400-2266