Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards

Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards 20 SS provides genuinely open controls and has an open way of interacting with customers. They work closely with both integrators and clients to ensure requirements can be achieved in an easy and cost effective manner. Today’s intelligent buildings consist of several diverse systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, utility metering, security, lighting, fire safety and door access. Organisations are more conscious of their energy expenditure and ways they can reduce the energy usage through careful monitoring and ensuring that all systems are working in tandem to achieve maximum efficiency. The NeOSS range of HVAC controllers offered by OSS have been designed from the group who specialise in open protocol architecture, and delivers a common platform for exchanging data with third party protocols and providing full access to real time data across multiple protocols, enabling organisations to efficiently monitor their building performance and energy consumption. OSS’s Broadsword visual programming application provides a common platform for creating all type of HVAC building control strategies, offering seamless integration with third party protocols. The intuitive and powerful visual programming environment has been designed from the ground up to enable both novice and advanced users to create sophisticated and complex control systems with full protocol integration across multiple platforms. Open System Solutions are proud to be able to offer this service to their clients. Recently, Open System Solutions were a late entry into the tender process for the Marylebone Cricket Club and were very proud to have been selected to be the provider of the BMS controls for Lords Cricket ground. The media centre here is now completed, and the new Warner stand is under way. They are also proud that Hampshire County Council have rolled out their controls across all of the 620 funded schools in the county, and made a huge saving in implementation costs, as well as subsequent energy savings. OSS would like to think they have removed all barriers that could prevent partners becoming involved in their company. Their most recent product, the Excalibur Series NeOSS building manage- ment controller, NeOSS-V3-16A-MP®, provides the latest advancement in building controls technology and delivers a complete open solution for today’s building control applications. All controllers are freely programma- ble and support multiple protocols allowing for a fully open and integrated system to be implemented in the easiest and most cost efficient manner. Additional I/O is provided by using NeOSS I/O expansion modules which are available in various configurations. Key features of the NeOSS building main controller NeOSS-V3-16A-MP® include its dynamic graphics, user definable interface and how cost effective it is for the user. It also has distinct capabilities in alarm handling, logging, PID loops, function modules, logic modules, and time scheduling, and can support LON, BACnet, TREND, Modbus, MBus. Open System Solutions strive to deliver the highest level of quality products and services throughout their organisation. With their product research, development and product support team under one roof, they are committed to bringing their clients cutting edge technology and innovative designs, backed with an unsurpassed level of technical support and after sales care. OSS has lots of exciting new developments and products on the near horizon. In December, Open System Solutions are running a free two-day training course for installers of their system at their office in Hamble. If you are inter- ested in attending this training course, please get in touch with a member of the OSS team, either via email or telephone. Award for Innovation in Building Control & Automation & Best Building Management Controller: NeOSS-V3 Open System Solutions (OSS) provide Building Management Systems and controls that are truly open in both functionality and usage, at unexpectedly competitive prices. The company was established in 2006, and continues to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to clients globally. O