Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards

Build 2016 Construction & Engineering Awards 14 stablished in 2005, Life Space Developments has built up a strong reputation for excellence over the past 11 years, growing year on year to expand its’ portfolio across a range of projects, locations and clientele. Sean discusses the firm’s approach to client services, which has helped it to achieve the success it enjoys today. “Here at Life Space Developments we manage, consult and fulfil all stages of the RIBA Plan of Works, from inception to completion for national house builders, organisations, companies, trust committees and private individuals. Previous clients include major brands and household names including Taylor Wimpey, Orbit Homes, Origin Housing, Watford Community Housing, Metropolitan Housing Group, Grand Union Housing, Richmond Housing Partnership, and many others. “Our approach is holistic in nature yet is crucially focussed around key organisation, planning and project management techniques. “When we start a new project the first thing we require is a clear under- standing of the brief, one which incorporates the needs and wishes of the design team and other stakeholders in the project, including the neighbours and the Local Council. Our developments aim to run with as minimal disrup- tion to the wider community as possible to avoid/reduce any impact on their lives and activities. “Secondly we translate these needs, wishes and schedules into a working procurement schedule and project programme as the construction meth- odology and key decisions will then be informed by their best interests. Effective programming is crucial to the project’s workflow in all parts of the team as well as helping to create positive relationships with the local residents/organisations. “As a result of this programme, we are able to produce a rigorous set of doc- umentation, supported by the design team, to explore potential possibilities of deviations that can cause delays or abnormal costs. These are factored in as an element of risk and the project budget and procurement schedule is adjusted. With effective planning and co-ordination amongst the design and construction teams in tandem with the local community, our projects have a strong start in achieving success.” The firm’s mission is to provide a service from inception to completion at an affordable price that will help inspire its clients and stimulate the housing industry to provide much needed housing for the country, as well as the individual. Sean describes the techniques Life Space Developments employs to achieve this ambitious target. “A key factor in achieving our mission is expanding our project team, our in-house staff and our network of external consultants. The better we help our team to develop, the greater a service we can provide to help our clients. Therefore, investing in our team is also investing in our clients’ satisfaction. “Another vital aspect of our strategy is to provide an innovative and fair service by adapting the nature of our work by incorporating new innovations into our projects and working directly with the manufacturers. This helps us to maintain an honest and innovative service at a competitive price.” Innovation is particularly vital as in an ever growing technological age, the ability to market yourself and compete is becoming more easily available. It is imperative to stand out, be competitive and demonstrate that you are the correct firm for the project, as Sean explains. “Our key approach to being competitive is a two-step approach; firstly by de- veloping strong relationships with local labour and consultants to the project, we minimise procurement costs, and secondly by repeatedly going the extra mile for our clients we further our reputation. “Life Space Developments consistently show performance of strong econom- ic competitiveness and having a reputation as being a developer who works with their client’s needs and wishes. Our project portfolio is expansive as a result and this further helps to demonstrate our capability, professionalism and adaptability to an ever changing industry.” Overall Sean is optimistic about the firm’s future as it strives to build upon its current success whilst maintaining the exceptional standards which it prides itself on. “Looking ahead, everyone here at Life Space sees a bright future for the firm, as we have an ever-growing mission to provide a better service and the growing team to enable us to achieve that. We have numerous exciting up- coming projects such as a high rise apartment block in London with Origin Housing through to low rise residential homes across numerous sites with Grand Union Housing in the Midlands. We look forward to the opportunities these will bring us and hope for more great projects in the months and years to come.” Best Social Housing Development Company - UK Life Space Developments Ltd is a Northampton based house builder specialising in bespoke dwellings and social housing on a national scale. We invited Sean Duggan to talk us through the firm and its service offering. E