Build September 2016

Build Magazine 84 Based out of the Technology Centre in Houston, Texas, NAJMTEK is a company that prides itself on providing a truly global innovative solution not existing anywhere else, and with no equivalent in its industry. ur mission at NAJMTEK,” says Sophie Ennadi, “is to change the way users interact with their technology as they will participate in, and contribute to the world while being custodians of the planet.” This core objective is best demonstrated through the launch of NAJMTEK’s new UBook – a ‘Universal Notebook’ that does away with keyboards to boast a multi-touch input screen, 140 international languages, and a versatile OS; the UBook can be transformed from one virtual machine to another, be it an ultrasound machine, an EKG machine, a diagramming or designing tool, or a simple notepad. As Sophie relates, “when creating the UBook, we wanted to build a technology that worked well with these changing lifestyles by providing a device that meets all users’ needs, without the necessity of purchasing additional devices or having to go back and forth between their phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. As such, UBook is the first all-in-one multi-touch laptop, fully customizable according to the end user’s needs. The innovation behind the UBook speaks volumes as to how NAJMTEK defines itself as a truly non- conventional company. “We love to brainstorm and mastermind in our company. Every idea is welcome, and each employee can submit a new proposal. Then we open a discussion to see what can be done or not. “An atmosphere built around close, constructive teamwork is what moves us ahead, and contributes to our success. “As a non-conventional firm, we are keeping an eye on what our competitors are doing, but we focus more on our customers’ needs; through our strong analyses, we can work on and find the best solution. For us, the answer lies in developing user-friendly software. As such, we will provide them with a free Software Development Kit (SDK). In case they can’t find the right application on our store, they can develop it by themselves, whereupon they have the option of sharing it, for free or not, via the online store.” With such versatility and ability to manipulate the UBook’s features according to the whims of its users, NAJMTEK will always be able to provide what the customer needs, and thus to stay ahead of the competition. To bolster that, NAJMTEK has noted that their vision is perfectly aligned with the concept of the Internet of Things. Sophie states, “as the objective of the IoT is to extend network and computing capabilities to all objects, UBook is tailor-made for this. By bringing external, portable devices, and even control panel tools for heavy and huge machine, into software applications and making it all directly available through the input screen-board, we will be able to contribute to connecting any device that may not have been able to connect together beforehand.” As NAJMTEK is currently geared towards bringing Creating the Perfect Universal Tool “O Technology their UBook device onto the market, their thoughts turn to funding. With a view to implementing a series of apps and fonts for dyslexic users, the start-up hopes to work with school districts to provide one device per child. “As it is a Universal Notebook, it can be used by anybody, and we will not have this issue of language barrier anymore. “We will look to properly establish our online store and the free SDK, with a view to making it available before the launch of the device; that way, our clients have a head start in developing the tools that they need to make the UBook successful.” Architecture Start-ups of 2016