Build September 2016

Build Magazine 60 As a solutions provider for door and entrance systems to contractors, architects and End Clients, NVM Solutions Ltd provides a truly end-to-end service. The company, based in Nelson, Lancashire, surveys, quotes, manufactures, supplies and installs all types of doors, entrance systems, fire systems and more, to their growing list of clients. e liaise with the client, contractor or architect,” says John Seymour. “For End Clients, we ask detailed questions to get a true understanding of what their needs are before providing them with a quote, and then we offer them the very best solution. “For contractors and tenders, we are required to go a stage further. After first conducting a survey of the site, we identify any possible snags based on the tender requirements compared to the actual site, and put together a solution that is both manageable and ideal for the client. Our solution encumbers everything so the contactor knows that the price is fixed based on supply and install.” As John describes them, the strategies employed by NVM Solutions are fairly straightforward. “Listen to what the Client is saying; understand what their needs are; and make sure we deliver solutions to their needs.” Whilst the processes and procedures that the company utilise internally are incidental to the client, they act as a path that the estimators must follow, from concept to completion. This rigidity to internal procedures guarantees the right product is manufactured to the right specification and delivered on the right day. “Speaking corporately,” John continues, “it would be easy to say our aim is to be the biggest provider to the industry, but we are realists, and in that reality our aim is to be the best at what we do. Our philosophy is it that it is better to have 10 satisfied clients than 100 dissatisfied ones. “Our overall aim is to ensure that the client is happy with the service and solutions we provide. It is our professional obligation to provide a service that will make them trust us to undertake their service requirements, and this can only be to our benefit, as they will hopefully be open to considering us for future projects.” John further boasts a deep understanding of the industry that he and his company operate in. He is proud to work with leading manufacturers, offering a crucial service to a number of them as a key UK distributor of their products. “We look to develop our own products, based on what technology is available and what is a viable solution. But, for example, we are not experts in manufacturing and developing various ranges of intelligent sensors. “Instead we work with the market leaders such as Optex, Hotron and Pepperl-Fuchs, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. We take these products and integrate them into a wider range of products that enables the right solution for the client. “Our industry is closely tied into the construction industry; however, we offer solutions to the refurb & repair market, Contract Maintenance and Service market, as well as the new build sector. “This diversity protects us in many ways. When the new build sector is stagnant, you tend to find that the refurbishment market is buoyant – and vice versa, whilst the maintenance / service sector enables us to tender for work on projects where we might not have had a direct input at the construction stage. Additionally, the range of Entrance / Exit solutions we offer opens many different sectors within the construction market. This allows us to tender for work on industrial, commercial, and retail projects.” To aid in this, North Valley Metal makes use of a number of marketing tools, from the company website to social media, to market-orientated publications. “It would be fair to say our expertise speaks for itself. This can be recognised in the conversations between our Sales & Estimation Team and their clients/contacts. Our customers know and trust us because of our past history with them whilst new contacts learn very quickly that we know what An Ironclad Reputation “W Manufacturing & Supply we are talking about. The construction industry can be very unforgiving at times, and clients can and will see straight through anyone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. That is what pushes us to uphold a strongly disciplined business model, based around ascertaining the clients’ needs above all to base our solutions around.” Through these strategies, NVM Solutions have become involved in many projects, either in a leading position, or simply as a provider of a service or product. This has given John great ambitions for the future of the company. “Our aspiration is to grow the business to a point where we can approach other similar-minded companies that might not have a range of products as comprehensive as ours, or offer services in another complimentary field, and have the expertise and infrastructure to enable us to bolt on to NVM Solutions. “Partnering in this way enables growth and wider range of skills and products which in turn opens the market to bigger and different contracts. Surmising his experiences whilst offering sage advice, John concludes, “the most important thing we have learnt throughout our 50-year history is to make sure you understand the client’s needs. It really is the pinnacle of the relationship between the supplier and the client. Fail to do this and the project will not deliver to the client’s expectations.”