Build September 2016

Build Magazine 29 Construction Redstack BIM Services provide a complete “Turn Key” solution for Virtual Deign & Construction (VDC) by using methods, innovation and technology to digitally construct before actually building an asset. This ensures accuracy, reduces the cost of material and labour, improves construction time, and reduces risk by correcting problems in the digital model instead of during the construction phase. We also ensure the BIM process continues beyond construction so the asset can be maintained for its entire lifecycle. ho are your clients? Our clients are extensive, ranging for the owner / developer, architects, engineers, construction companies, sub- contractors, health, education, defence, government and more. Our clients are from all sectors of private industry and government. What makes you unique? Redstack BIM Services provide the missing links between owners, builders and sub-contractors by working closely with all stakeholders to manage a process which is often challenging because not everyone has the same levels of skills and experience in using BIM processes. We work with every sector of the Integrated Project team by managing the entire BIM process for everyone, ensuring smooth and accurate progression throughout the entire process of pre-construction and construction. After the construction process is completed, Redstack can then continue to support the asset owner with a facilities management system so the asset brings a major return on investment to the owner / developer. What’s your biggest challenge facing you at present? Few people understand the enormous benefits BIM can bring. There are many misconceptions around what BIM is. Without the Australian government mandating BIM as we have seen in other countries, BIM education and adoption is going to take time. It is up to progressive companies like Redstack to educate the market on what BIM is and the benefits it can bring. We’ve been able to prove the benefits of BIM with satisfied clients from BIM projects throughout the Asia Pacific region and can now leverage those successes in the Australian and wider Asia Pacific markets. What’s the aim for your business? Redstack BIM Services intend on being the leading Successful Global Implementation W BIM Management company in Australia and Asia Pacific markets with global reach. With a Global team implementing successful BIM outcomes for our clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Qatar, we are already a leading provider of BIM in the Australia and Asia Pacific markets. What’s your company’s biggest challenge? Convincing industry to change their mindset towards design, building and construction is a big challenge. The construction market has been adopting the same traditional practices for many, many years. Proving the benefits of BIM will take time as many in the industry are reluctant to change, but those who adopt the new BIM methodology early will reap the rewards on offer first and leave their competitors wondering why their bids are no longer successful, why their profits are declining or worse, going out of business. Now is the time for early adopters of BIM to develop sustainable competitive advantages. What individual in your industry and beyond do you admire the most and why? I guess there is no one individual in particular but there are several organisations who I admire for their courage in using innovation and technology to deliver better outcomes for industry and society. I admire The UK, Singapore and other governments around the world who have had the courage to mandate the BIM process to boost their economies and develop their local industries. If I had mention an individual, it would be our Redstack Global CEO, Mr Japri Maming who genuinely has a passion to ensure BIM helps every organisation to achieve better, profitable and successful outcomes. Japri has been involved with BIM for many years, and his cutting edge knowledge and experience has enabled him to be a leading ambassador of Building Information Modelling around the world. Name: Jack DeCandia Company: Redstack BIM Services Pty Ltd Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: L1, 145 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide, SA, 5006 Telephone: 1300 66 7263