Build September 2016

Build Magazine 28 Think differently It’s a NEW WORLD to compete and stay ahead of the competition ��en we see the builder or the architect trying to manage BIM on major projects. More o�en than not, this does not deliver the desired outcome. Successful BIM Management is much more than using CAD, it requires a deep understanding of processes and workflows to ensure all stakeholders are collabora ng effec vely according to a detailed BIM execu on plan. If your current BIM strategy centres only on Revit, 3D modeling and clash detec on, then you might need to reconsider BIM Management. In today’s construc on environment, does it make sense for someone inside your organisa on, or your architect to verify and audit their own models/designs? Redstack BIM Services can provide your project with a complete BIM or Facili es Management solu on. A new way of doing BIM from Redstack Internationally BIM qualified, experienced and independent Interna onal Phone: +61 8 8360 7000 Local Phone: 1300 66 7263