Build Magazine May 2016

Build Magazine 23 Company: Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants Name: Tom Bell-Wright Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: #81, 25b St., Al Awir Industrial Area, Ras Al Khor, Dubai, POB26385 Telephone: +971 4 333 2692 Qatar National Museum in the city of Doha our existing. This is a very exciting time for us as we grow into facilities which we have designed to meet our own requirements, and with room to breathe and room to expand. How do you make sure you create innovative solutions to maintain your success? You make it sound as though innovative solutions are essential to success. We try to be a nice place to work and we try to provide growth and stimulation to our employees through expanding into new areas of business. Figuring things out along the way would be the innovative solutions. What aspects would you say are essential to creating success in your industry? Success means different things to different people. Success for the shareholders in a publicly listed company, as some of our competitors are, means maximum earnings. I drove past a competitor’s facility recently and I didn’t notice any trees or greenery, and I suppose that if these are not essential to the bottom line you don’t have them, which is a shame. For us, success is being challenged and rewarded by your work, not being too stressed, enjoying the interaction with other employees and making enough money to be comfortable and to expand the business. What are your future aspirations for your company? Do you have any plans or projects you would be willing to share with us? We’re in the process of expanding our capability in small scale fire testing. One other test we are looking at is for the off-shore industry and called the Jet-Fire Test. It will be exciting to be able to offer this test directly to the industry in the Arabian Gulf region. What does the future have in store for your industry? How do you see your market changing over the next 12 months? We see positive things for the region over the next few years as Dubai prepares for Expo 2020 and Doha for the World Cup in 2022.