Build March Issue

Build Magazine 8 NewHome and Renovation Predictions With construction output anticipated to grow by 3.6% in 2016 there will be an increase in people looking to update existing properties on a grand scale and build homes to exacting specifications. However, as buyers become more discerning and demand higher quality workmanship what are the predictions for residential renovations and bespoke homes projects this year? Jon Over from Goldstone Homes specialises in renovation and new build homes for the residential sector. He provides his forecast for what is likely to be popular in the world of home updates and new builds during 2016. Wood: we are going to be seeing much more use of quality wood in internal spaces for both structural and decorative purposes. Luxury materials such as oak provide the simultaneous benefits of being hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing and work equally as well in traditional and modern settings. Decorative wooden beams, sash style windows and ornamental staircases will all be popular. Open plan: how we live continues to influence our choice in floorplan design. Providing spacious and airy living spaces will remain high on the agenda of many renovation and restoration projects. There will be a lean towards opening up bedroom suites, for example with frosted glass, to provide more fluidity between the sleeping area and bathroom as well as larger storage areas that fit discreetly into and become one with the overall design. Balconies: adding outdoor space is moving upwards as balconies become increasingly popular as part of a trend towards updating the fascias of existing properties and increasing the value and appeal of new builds. The addition of a balcony to uninspiring or bland box shaped properties creates interest and delivers curb appeal to what was previously a flat and dull exterior. Glass: bi-folding doors and glass walls will feature strongly as occupants look for ways to create a harmonious connection between internal living spaces and the outdoors. In addition to achieving the illusion of extra space and letting in light, the combination of glass with brick or wood adds a stylish touch to any property. Building techniques: Eco-friendly building techniques, such as Passivhaus, will continue to rise in popularity. Reducing the ecological footprint of a building, increasing energy efficiency and sustainability, and cutting household overheads will all play a pivotal role in the design, style and building methods used on new build and retrofit projects and the desire of occupants to live in ‘healthier’ homes. News