Build March Issue

Build Magazine 41 Brick Trends ensure brick remains at the forefront of this important industry issue. Ibstock’s own research tells us that over a third of clients routinely request sustainable solutions for their projects, and this is a figure predicted to rise in the future. Brick was the first construction product to gain verification under the BRE Global’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scheme, making it easier for its environmental impact to be measured. It is a long-lasting, natural product that has very little added to its mixture. It also has low toxicity and does not use preservatives. In addition, bricks produce very little in terms of wastage through the manufacturing process and offer excellent energy efficiency credentials. Brick certainly has a compelling ‘green’ message. Wide-ranging options, long-standing product trust, innovative technical solutions, stunning aesthetics and sound sustainable characteristics - brick boasts an unrivalled and all-round ability to meet design and performance expectations - this is what continues to set it apart as the construction product of choice for many. As the UK’s largest brick manufacturer, Ibstock invests heavily in ensuring a more sustainable future through its manufacturing, its communities and its products - over £150 million since 2003. Demonstrating its commitment to sustainable business, Ibstock was the first UK brick manufacturer to be awarded a very good rating for the responsible sourcing standard, BES 6001 and the internationally recognised standard ISO 50001 for energy management at all its brickworks. All of Ibstock’s manufacturing units are also independently verified and registered to ISO 14001, the International Environmental Management Standard. The company offers an unrivalled choice of over 450 different bricks in its extensive range, which includes prefabricated brickwork components, rainscreens and a diverse selection of special shaped bricks and pavers. All Ibstock‘s products are backed by its unique technical, design, stockist and site support services and comprehensive information – website and literature. Over 300 years’ brick making experience is sustained by Ibstock’s national network of 19 brickworks. To meet the increasing popularity of brick, Ibstock has increased its capacity by over 125 million bricks since 2013 which includes the investment of over £22m in the redevelopment of its Chesterton factory to create the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly factory of its type in the world today. In addition, £55m has also been invested in building a new state-of-the-art brick factory in Ibstock, Leicestershire. Ibstock continues to drive the brick industry forward through design, innovation, quality and range. Over the past decade, Ibstock bricks have been used in more than 70 of the award-winning categories and six of the supreme winners at the Brick Development Association Brick Awards. In 2015, the company’s bricks were used in 5 winning award categories and received five special commendations.