Build March Issue

Build Magazine 25 Architecture break down of the Zaera-Polo’s original design for the Birmingham New Street Station where the architect’s intentions for a seamless monolithic rib look was undermined by the use of white PVC, which is already showing signs of stress. Additionally the colour and aging of the material will not coincide with the other materials specified and used by the orginial architect. Zaera-Polo, who specified a continuous plasterboard cladding of the steel structure has walked away from the project in light of these last minute changes and hasn’t looked back. In light of this situation, one cannot help but be reminded of Moussavi’s sentiments about materiality in architecture, where she states, “Architecture is a material practice, not a matter-practice. Architectural materials include the non-physical and physical attributes that define the built environment: politics, climate, time, construction technologies and economics as well as wood, glass and steel. FMA treats these materials as extrinsic and intrinsic parameters that generate the assembly of each of its built forms, avoiding form for the sake of form alone.” Though their projects and practices are separate one cannot escape the old adage that great minds do indeed think alike.