Build March Issue

Build Magazine 16 oint 6 Projects Ltd operates across three main areas: firstly, we build “grand design” type homes; secondly, we refurbish and extend any types of home using eco materials; and finally we have recently embarked on our third arm, our own new build homes. These new build homes will be an exciting new venture for the firm, and will offer affordable properties to the wider housing market, as opposed to many new builds which are limited to property investors because they are too expensive for many buyers. As a business we are very proud to be awarded ‘Best Low Energy Builder – UK’, as we see this as recognition that our hard work has paid off. We are dedicated to client service, and as such we always work closely with the client to understand their budget and what they want out of their new home, because overall it is very important to us to deliver what the client wants. We usually negotiate contracts rather than tendering them, as this enables us to build up a cost plan to suit the client. In addition because we are involved in the project right from the start we are able to influence design in terms of air tightness and achieving low energy standards. As a company we are committed to Passivhaus standards: the world’s leading fabric based approach to low energy buildings. Our dedication to these standards sees us talk at conferences and training meeting, and this also helps the firm to stay ahead of the latest industry trends. We find out what is coming before it has arrived. This is vital as ours is an industry that is constantly evolving, and we are proud to help the industry to move in the direction of sustainability, as this will have long term benefits. The firm has seven years’ experience in low energy construction, and this has enabled us to build up a strong supply chain and a good in depth technical knowledge of Passivhaus and high performance buildings. Moving forward our firm is expanding rapidly as people become more aware of our work in the low energy buildings sector. Over the next three years we are keen to have offices in at least four other regions of the UK in order to bring our services to a wider client base. Alongside this we are eager to be the architects of a sustainable construction industry, a feat we intend to achieve by creating a separate department called Point 6 Projects Developments, which would focus on developing sustainable projects. Constructing a SustainableHousing Industry Point 6 Projects Ltd are an ECO construction company, specialising in low energy buildings and the highest energy standard that is Passivhaus. We invited Anmarie Price to talk about the firm and how it is changing the face of the construction industry. P