Build March Issue

Build Magazine 14 PI and PMC currently own and operate 27 apartment communities in and around the major Northeast & Mid- Atlantic metropolitan statistical areas and are comprised of 8,985 multi-family units and approx. 75,000 square feet of retail space. The firm was founded in 1971 by Mr. Edward Pantzer, who is now joined by his sons Jason and Jordan Pantzer. Together they act as Co-Presidents of the company and oversee all aspects of the business, along with their 30 person corporate executive team. Developed in 2008, the firm’s flagship product is “The Point” and is the namesake for 16 of the properties. The brand was created to distinguish the value of living in a Panco Management Corporation community. PPI & PMC have standardized the operating procedures and perfected the capital program improvement process through which “The Point” brand is produced. The result is apartment living that is luxurious and a better value than the competition. Jamie Berman explains how the firm differentiates itself from its competition and how it adapts to challenges. “PPI and PMC are different than the competition, largely due to the quick decision making process that exists among the ownership and leadership of the firm. The firm’s portfolio size and strength is growing at a rapid pace and creating more synergies among sister sites. This strategy provides a distinct opportunity to offer more to our consumers and our investors. “In order to adapt to a constantly evolving market PPI & PMC foster strong, agile leaders who can respond quickly to ever changing market risks. As a company we evaluate market and policy changes on a daily basis and strategize around possible risks to our assets at a relentless pace. We are clear that it is our job to compensate and innovate around changes to the economy, and our industry, and we have done so successfully for the last 45 years.” Pantzer Properties, Inc. just completed a full scale redesign of their website assets to showcase a better representation of who they are today and the vision for the company moving forward. RealEstateFundManagerof the Year -USA&BestRealEstate OpportunityFund: PantzerFundIII P Pantzer Properties, Inc. (PPI) & Panco Management Corporation (PMC) is a fully integrated owner/operator of investment real estate on the east coast of the United States.