Build March Issue

Build Magazine 12 ith an experienced team of dedicated experts who are supported by proprietary IT-modules, GCP create significant value in the German real estate market. With a particular emphasis on income generating assets with all the right fundamentals, the company generates significant value-add by turning around under-rented objects into portfolios with substantially higher profits. At the same time, the company also keeps in mind the wellbeing of their tenants and improves the living environment of neglected properties in an ecologically sensitive manner, ensuring each real estate investment turns into a success and creates significant Value to the shareholder. As of January 2016, GCP’s total portfolio consist of 76,000 units across Germany. These are located in densely populated areas, with a strong focus on regions such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous federal state, Berlin, Germany’s capital, as well as the metropolitan regions such as Leipzig and Dresden. Furthermore, the company manages an additional portfolio of 18,000 units owned by third parties, bringing the total number of units under GCP’s management to 94,000. With respect to capital market activity, GCP is a public real estate company traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with a market cap of €2.8 billion and employing 500 employees. In achieving its success, GCP has been offering their tenants a unique set of services which have distinguished them from their competitors. As Windfuhr explains: “One of the ways in which we provide exceptional service to our tenants is through our 24/7 Service Centre, which the company built internally to answer and solve the tenant needs and problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also organise local events during periods like the summer and Christmas, which we believe has really strengthened the community feeling in our locations and allows the tenants to get to know each other a lot better.” Alongside these services, GCP focuses on improving the image of its properties. This is achieved through designing surrounding gardens, adding indoor and outdoor playgrounds, adding sport facilities and polishing aged facades. Additionally, the company provides rent free units for institutions which help school children with their homework or offer recreational activities to teenagers. In another location, GCP has even rebuilt a vacant unit into an art space. Tenant satisfaction is in a top priority for GCP, and this is something that they are constantly striving to improve and develop. “Achieving tenant satisfaction is the end product of property turnaround,” says Windfuhr. “As a result we then have high quality assets with high occupancy and very low termination rates. We have thrived in creating a higher living standard for our tenants while maintaining affordable living and performing well for our stakeholders as a public company. “It is in our DNA to serve our tenants, and we believe that each and every one of them deserves to fulfil their specific needs and wishes,” explains Windfuhr. “With this in mind, the company provides abundant housing opportunities and addresses nearly any tenant request.” Best forGermanReal Estate Investments 2015 Grand City Properties S.A. “GCP” is a specialist real estate company focused on providing a quality living standard and maintaining affordable housing. We got in touch with Christian Windfuhr, Chief Executive Officer at GCP, who took the time out to tell us how his company has become, and continues to be, the leading specialist in buying, re-developing, optimising and repositioning real estate properties in Germany. W