Build June (2016)

Build Magazine 41 The KIS Bridging Loan Calculator was the first online calculator to provide a more detailed breakdown of the different costs involved with bridging finance. We have recently made some more improvements, ensuring that it is once again the most functional one available. Looking ahead, we feel that the main challenge for the future will be the result of the EU Referendum. With the lead up funding sources are already getting nervous and we are hearing stories from lenders who are starting to find it increasingly difficult to secure funds. The UK economy has been improving, the fear is with many in the finance industry that a vote to leave will reverse this. Leaving will most probably mean a stronger pound, therefore more imports, a rise in interest rates to curb the purchase of cheap imports and less investment into the country. Developers and builders who are already struggling to find skilled labour believe that this will be made worse by a vote to leave. A shortage of labour will mean projects will take longer or may even be cancelled, and therefore we anticipate a number of exciting opportunities, both for ourselves and the industry at large, as we adapt to the referendum results. Company: KIS Finance Website: