Build June (2016)

Build Magazine 12 Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire are among the UK’s leading areas of economic growth and development. Soaring land and property prices in the Capital have had a dramatic and uplifting effect on the Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire area and it now boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Part of the area’s appeal is its fantastic infrastruction, amenities and affordability. Over the last few years, property developers, businesses and residential buyers have looked to the Milton Keynes area as a prime location to live, work and invest. A common acronym in the world of property development is ‘NIMBY’ meaning ‘not in my back yard’ but weigh that against the dire need to build more homes and you could have a potential battleground. However ‘could’ is the crucial word. Knowledge is everything when it comes to sourcing prime locations for development and negotiating with planners and local councils. This is an area in which Wilkinsons have been actively involved for many decades and as well as promoting the area’s appeal to corporate property developers they have recently been instrumental in helping to secure 200 acres for much needed residential property development. All new developments come with their own set of hurdles to cross but local knowledge goes a long way in helping developers cross these barriers. This is something Wilkinsons excel in and work closely with both corporate developers and builders to ensure projects run smoothly and with as little down time as possible. As one of Buckinghamshire’s most well established and leading property experts, Wilkinsons are ideally positioned to project manage rural schemes and conversions such as barn and agricultural redevelopments. By providing well informed and comprehensive advice and assistance in all aspects from initial sourcing, local area plans and planning permission, right through to completion and sale, the Wilkinsons team have developed a close working relationship with some of the country’s most prolific building and construction firms. Rural, equestrian and agricultural acquisitions and sales are another area of Wilkinsons expertise and with a myriad of planning restrictions and ties to negotiate, their experience in this field has proven invaluable to vendors, buyers and developers. As more and more land owners and farmers look to diversify, Wilkinsons’ unparalleled understanding of the legal complexities has created a significant increase in demand for their services and helped create fantastic opportunities for vendors, buyers and developers alike. Without a doubt, two of the key factors in Wilkinsons’ success has been their outstanding team spirit and communication skills. It’s hardly surprising that these are areas in which they excel as Wilkinsons is a family run firm with two generations taking an active role in the business. Founded by father and son team of respected and accomplished industry high fliers, John and Simon Wilkinson first opened their doors in 1992. This was a perfect scenario for both John and Simon as they were now free from the shackles of corporate estate agency practice, which frustratingly had prevented them from providing the kind of complete and comprehensive service they knew their clients needed and deserved. Leaping forward to 2016 from the initial anxious days and weeks when they first set up their new business, it’s easy to see that they were right to make that giant leap of faith. Like trekking in the Andes with a Sherpa, developers and builders need local knowledge and experienced guidance to successfully negotiate the terrain. John, Simon and the fantastic team they’ve put together, provide their clients with precisely that uniquely high level of personal service. The future expansion and development of Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire’s property industry certainly looks like it couldn’t be in safer hands. For more information about Wilkinsons, visit them at index.html Special Feature 1606RB04