Build Magazine June 2015

Build Magazine 35 Enabling communications for knowledge transfer and efficiency for businesses Knowledge and skills transfer is a priority for most businesses, and often encouraged by governments around the world, including Singapore. Businesses need to be equipped with infrastructures and applications to support knowledge and information transfer – this is where technology and innovation play an important role in enabling education in particular. For students, whether the young or working professionals furthering their studies, hyper-connectedness driven by high mobile penetration has changed how education is being consumed. In the past, the majority of students would most likely enter University after High School and attend the campus in person. Now, many students are mature in age, oth- ers attend lectures remotely and still others access online content which the university has made available. Huawei sees digital tech- nology as a key driver of change providing the education sector the competitive edge. To help create a more connected world, Huawei provides a range of solutions that speak to content access (with E-Course), to enabling students with physical and virtual classroom presences (with E-Class) and ease in man- agement of resources and lecture materials (with E-Management). “Asia is constantly growing, with increasingly diverse cultures, and Singapore is in a unique position to be the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider of Asia. Huawei be- lieves that Singapore can also utilise digital technology to bring education to Smart End Devices within a MOOC, taking advantage of new innovative IoT devices such as wearable devices, smart glasses, smart tablets, and more, to take knowledge consumption to the next level,” added Lerner PE. Smarter Home Living to enable consumers’ digital life Consumers’ lives are becoming increasingly digitised bringing future families the opportunity to realising the concept of automated smart homes that protects, educates, entertains while ensuring the use of utilities are environmentally friendly. As part of Huawei’s work in building a better connected world, they have developed a range of products which seek to address key components of a holistic Smart Home and families’ dig- ital life that enables connectivity with high-speed fibre optic broadband to support HD TVs, and a tool to manage multiple devices with the Smart Home Controller. “Huawei is at the forefront of the provision of innovative solutions which enable families to improve their digital life. As part of our work in building a better connected world we have developed a range of products which seek to address key components of an holistic Smart Home and family digital life,” said Lerner PE. “As part of enhancing each family’s digital life, there is a move to automate the smart home and Huawei is heavily involved in this process as well. We understand that no one vendor has all the solutions so Huawei is taking an open and collaborative approach to enable an IOT ecosystem which will provide the greatest benefit for consumers of this technology,” continued Lerner PE. Products & Innovation