Build Magazine July 2015

Build Magazine 47 David Higgins, another of the council’s co- chairs, echoed this in his comments on the council’s shake-up. ‘I’m delighted the government has responded to calls for a smaller, more business-focused Construction Leadership Council. The new Council of 12, with its business leaders from across the sector, will be best placed to drive the skills, innovation and productivity outcomes to help the industry build on its recent growth.’ The new membership of the council sees a reduction from its previous 30 members to just 12, in response to calls from the sector to make it more effective and business-focused. The new members were chosen because their seniority in business allows them to pro- vide leadership and knowledge to the sector. The new Council will represent a mix of busi- nesses and a broad range of perspectives on the construction industry, allowing it to make informed and unbiased decision. Industry representatives who will be taking on new roles on the council include Madani Sow from Bouygues UK; Anna Stewart of Laing O’Ro- urke; Mike Putnam from Skanska and Crossrail’s Andrew Wolstenholme. They will be joined by the Chair of UKTI’s Construction Advisory Group, a volume house builder, a supply chain small/ medium business and the Council co-chairs: Skills Minister Nick Boles and Sir David Higgins, Executive Chair of High Speed 2. The new coun- cil members have committed to remaining with the council for a two year period. Madani Sow, one of the new mem- bers of the council who is also the Chairman and CEO of Bouygues UK, was positive that the new council could make a real difference to the construction industry. ‘This is an exciting opportunity for Bouygues UK and the industry. The UK’s construction sector is growing and leading the way in many fields, but productivity and skills are big issues we need to address and I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Council to achieve this.’ Certain members of the new council will lead a specific work stream designed to deliver improvements to working prac- tices in specific sections of the industry. Madani Sow, alongside the small supply chain business will be responsible for the supply chain and business models work stream. Anna Stewart will be in charge of the skills work stream, Andrew Wolstenholme will take the in- novation one, Mike Putnam will take the sustainable work stream. The Chair of the UKTI Construction Sector Advisory Group will be responsible for the work stream focused on trade. These new work streams will allow the council to provide focused information to the government on industry specific topics in which certain council mem- bers have experience. There will be meetings between the new Construction Leadership Council and ministers four times per year in which the council will advise the government and update them on their efforts to drive improved productivity and growth across the industry. There will also be greater governmental influence on the board with the addition of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills due to hold a permanent place on the council and other government depart- ments expected to attend meetings as determined by the agenda. The new board is not yet complete, with discussions ongoing with the Strate- gic Forum for Construction in order to identify an individual who would con- nect the Forum to the Council and contribute a manufacturing perspective. Regulation