Build Magazine July 2015

Build Magazine 3 Contents 4. News Inside the Industry 14. BIM Solutions to Boost Efficiency Time Saving BIM software looks set to save time and money on cosntruction projects. 18. Heath-Row? Economy and construction industry could suffer if expansion plans don’t go ahead. 22. Dying for Construction We examine the death rates and causes of these at ma- jor consturction projects following news of Qatar stadium deaths. 26. Construction at the Cinema UK ConstructionWeek’s explosive new trailer sets an exciting precedent for the trade expo. Eco Building 32. The U.S. Energy Service Company Market – Challenges and New Opportunities By Casey Talon 36. Smart Ways to Save Energy PECO’s Smart Ideas campaign comes under the spotlight as we look at how effective the marketing strategy is at chang- ing consumer habits. 38. Energy Deficient How will loss of the Green Deal subsidies affect the industry? Regulation 44. Industry Leaders Welcomed into Construction Leadership Council We show how the membership shake-up promises to make the council more industry focused. Real Estate 50. Securing The Value Of Your Commercial Property Russell Kirby examines how to reduce the risk of physical damage to commercial property.