Build Magazine July 2015

Build Magazine 14 he new products were announced by the technology systems integration company at the Revit Technology Conference North America 2015. The event, hosted at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Washington, the world’s top instructors and industry experts in the field of BIM and other relevant construc- tion technologies, with experts throughout the field providing a wealth of knowledge, practical methods, and new ideas. The range of software will increase the Au- todesk Platinum Partner’s already expansive list of solutions that help optimize busi- ness processes and workflows for building projects. The solutions are designed to improving efficiency while eliminating waste and inconsistencies for building projects. Revit Prolog RFI Integration, one of the new solutions, is completely unique to Revit. The Prolog RFI Integration graphically associates Requests for Information (RFIs) with objects in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) program. This solution provides users with a more efficient way to track issues by allowing them to create a persistent, direct link to objects in the building model, for example the location of an electrical outlet. Users can now automatically navigate to the building model, create or select an issue or problem, ask questions, and add information to a punch list. The Revit Prolog RFI Integration saves valuable project management time by elimi- nating the tedious manual look-ups associated with RFIs and is available for all current versions of Revit. Another innovative solution for the marketplace being showcased by Applied Software is Viewpoint Sync, which automatically transfers uploaded documents to the library of BIM 360 Field, a cloud-based field management service combining a mobile application at the point of construction with collaboration and reporting. This product eliminates redundancies by syncing and storing documents via one platform. Project managers using Viewpoint Sync gain the necessary assurance that the latest versions of documents are available to all collaborative partners at the same time, eliminating the potential for errors and miscommunication. Viewpoint Sync is available now. BIM Solutions to Boost Efficiency A new software range announced by Applied Software look set to integrate BIM technology with other technology to create time saving solutions. T