Build Magazine August 2015

Build Magazine 49 Architectural security overseas The variety of structures which require ef- fective security solutions differ greatly, from schools to skyscrapers and stadia. Security architecture must be capable of providing protection for both smaller structures and large complexes, and must be able to do so across a range of environments. The King Abdullah Sports City, valued at $507 million and known as Saudi Arabia’s ‘jewel in the desert, plays host to the Kingdom’s first FIFA-standard football stadium, a 2,000-seat multi-purpose in- door stadium, a 1000-seat athletics pitch, hotels, a Mosque and a sports hospital. With a large number of potentially vulner- able buildings situated across a vast area, providing effective security, which did not jeopardise the aesthetic of the complex, was a unique challenge. Through the installation of 600 PAS 68 standard CT blocks, the King Abdullah Sports City realised a comprehensive security solution to provide essential pro- tection against the threat of vehicle-based attacks. This provides a pertinent example of the demand for an aesthetic approach to architectural security on an internation- al scale and highlights its importance to architects across the globe. Opportunities presented by architectural security As security threats morph and evolve, so architectural security must too. There is now worldwide demand for security solutions which provide robust protection while not only preserving but often enhancing the design and appearance of the premises they are installed to protect. This provides challenges to architects, but bespoke products such as the CT block offer exciting opportunities too. Through the use of purpose-designed HVM systems, security installations can meet the stringent security demands associated with landmark premises while also serving to improve their surround- ings. Architectural security can utilise stylish design to ensure perimeter security compliments the existing aesthetic of the buildings it is implemented to protect. Through embracing multi-purpose solutions, architectural security can offer highly-effective installations which ensure their security purpose remains discreet. For more information visit or call 01623 513 355 Real Estate