Home Builder Awards 2017

Build Home Builder Awards 2017 22 rawing on the vast industry experience of CEO Stan Makow and his dedicated team, Makow Associates Architect offers a range of solutions to meet the individual needs of its clients. Whatever the project, their approach is to thoroughly assess the needs and approach of the client for the individual project, and to craft a solution which suits their unique situation, as Stan explains. “At Makow Associates, our team of nine architects, designers, technologists and artists provide an interdisciplinary approach to building design, incorporating the very best features from across the creative landscape into stunning designs that will stand the test of time. We have a broad portfolio of work which ranges from unique custom homes and luxury retirement residences to condominiums, corporate offices and even religious buildings.” Over the years the firm has come to specialise in eldercare and retirement residences, incorporating its flair for design into every project, as Stan emphasises. “As the only retirement building in downtown Burlington, it was designed with ground floor retail space to fit with the commercial street on the corner lot. A stepped form with combined 14 and 9 storey towers was developed to break up the volume of the building, and to blend with the smaller scale of nearby urban fabric. Our development of a building which respected and reinforced the nearby urban fabric earned the project the support of the city during the approvals process. The resulting building has received praise from both its residents and from its neighbours. “In the Eldercare field, Makow Associates has developed a solid client base by listening to its clients and studying each project to provide unique and original design solutions. Spaces are designed to be multi-functional, non-institutional, and accessible. The firm’s long standing experience in providing sensitive designs that address people’s domestic needs has equipped it to provide high quality services for those with special requirements in a group living circumstance. Seniors who are self-sufficient require a normative environment that feels warm, familiar and comfortable from a residentialperspective, yet provides the necessary assistance, when required, for basic as well as social needs.” Within the custom home sector, the firm offer a wide range of designs, which Makow Associates Architects Best Custom Home & Interior Design Firm - East Canada Makow Associates Architects combines a thriving practice designing custom homes with a full service practice designing senior’s residences. We invited CEO Stan Makow to tell us more about the firm and the range of projects it has undertaken over recent years. D HB170016 Company: Makow Associates Architect Inc. Name: Stan Makow Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.makowarchitects.com Address: 3 Bridgman Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3V4, Canada Telephone: 416-944-3510 Fax: 416-944-3512 incorporate a number of styles including French, Georgian and Tudor style properties, as well as more modern designs and innovative neoclassical projects. Stan concludes by outlining the work his firm puts in to every custom design and how they are committed to ensuring that clients receive the very best outcome possible. “One of the most unique elements of our approach is the integration of interior design throughout the process, that ensures warm, elegant, and gracious interior spaces. Our firm, which has been following these principles for over thirty years, has a strong compliment of staff who have played an instrumental role in developing our methodology and who bring their years of experience with our approach to every project. At the same time, new and young staff members bring their fresh perspectives and abilities with the latest technologies to our team. New standards in environmental integrity are constantly being developed, and Makow Associates’ senior staff includes a LEED certified architect so that environmental sustainability is maximized wherever possible. “Makow Associates select materials and finishes that maintain the desired aesthetic in addition to being durable and easy to maintain. The beauty of a variety of natural materials connects the building to its users, while also serving to minimize a project’s environmental footprint. Technically, Makow’s buildings represent state of the art building techniques, with respect to energy conservation, building/thermal envelope detailing and sustainable design.”

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