Build Executive Awards 2016

Build 2016 Executive Awards 8 nlike the majority of building companies that focus on either fit-out or construction, Pacific Building is proud to provide both of these services, and to the highest standards. The particular expertise in fast-track of Pacific Building is the result of decades of development and honing. Brian Gallacher has been involved in innovative construction techniques using modular and offsite build technologies since the mid-1990s, and he believes firmly in the attitude of the team, as well as their core skills and the values, so that the business can create a con- structive atmosphere for the team in which to drive projects to a successful completion with satisfied clients. “The values and ethos of our business is very non-confrontational, and we work collaboratively with our clients and our supply chain,” Brian explains. “The directors ensure this is led by example – in order to roll it across the business, we have team strategy days where we close the entire business and get everyone involved in discussing methods of improving our service. We also hold separate ‘team days’ with key subcontractors and suppliers to ensure they are on page with us whilst at the same time seeking their views on how they could support our delivery.” Airports, for example, cover one of the sectors in which the firm particularly excels. “We are capable of servicing airport needs from a £20,000 ‘quick fix’, light-touch retail refurbishment carried out over a weekend, through to a multi-million-pound business-critical, highly-complex modernisation project involving multiple stakeholders. Large or small, all projects are conducted by us with a guarantee of absolutely minimal disruption to trade or operations.” As a business leader himself, Brian has an inclusive leadership style, which he believes allows all his team’s talents to flourish. “I endeavour to demon- strate to clients that we always deliver to the highest professional bench- marks and at the same time highlight the fact that our company is built on innovation, dedication and dependability. By carefully planning out all operations before the start of any construction or fit-out projects, Brian and the rest of Pacific Building are able to allow commercial enterprises to continue trading as long as possible and with minimal disruption to business. With the retail and leisure sector in an extremely buoyant state at present, there are a great deal of construction work opportunities for Pacific Building to take hold of as its steady growth continues, introducing new clients every year to its portfolio. Best Fit-Out & Construction Company MD - Scotland Pacific Building is an innovative and dynamic fast fit-out and construction company and Chartered Builder (CIOB) with a proven track record of dependability, delivering high-quality projects throughout the UK and Ireland – on time and on budget. In order to deliver to the highest standards, and at the same time demon- strate that our company is built on innovation, dedication and dependability, the highly disciplined and trained team works within a variety of sectors, such as commercial, leisure (encompassing Hotels, Licensed Premises and Restaurants) and retail. Pacific Building makes a great show of flexing its full wealth of experience whilst operating in sensitive and secure locations, including airports. U EB160005