Women in BUILD Awards 2016

innovative and imaginative design in all project scales, from the ‘Ex of IN’ house mentioned above, to the ‘Linked Hybrid’ the 2 million square foot urban complex in Beijing, which is heated and cooled by a 655-well geothermal energy system, the largest residential geothermal system in China. “This project employs green roofs and a separate grey water recycling system connected to all 650 condominiums, which provides all landscape irrigation, including a huge central water pond with natural reeds, water lilies and wildlife. Looking to the future, we hope to continue with this kind of environmentally friendly development, and have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline. “One of these projects is the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, which was started in July 2011 and is scheduled for completion in 2017. Sited at the edge of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in Richmond, Virginia, the new Institute for Contemporary Art will link the University with the surrounding community. On the busiest intersection of Richmond at Broad and Belvidere Streets, the building will form a gateway to the University with an inviting sense of openness. With its inviting double-fronted forum opening to a serene sculpture garden, the 38,000 square feet, building will provide spatial energy for the most important cutting-edge contemporary art exhibits. Propelled by VCU’s top-ranked School of the Arts, the ICA’s architecture is an instrument for exhibitions, film screenings, public lectures, performances, symposia, and community events, engaging the University, the city and beyond.”

http://www.kmai.com/ http://www.rapinteriors.co.uk/ http://www.stevenholl.com/