Women in BUILD Awards 2016

2016 Women in Build Awards Build 17 s part of their assessment service, Premier Water Solutions consider the risks of flooding to sites, and from sites, as the result of any potential development. In order to mitigate the risks from the development, Premier Water Solutions design an engineered solution in house, using Micro Drainage Hydraulic Modelling Software and engineering drawing software. We asked Louisa more about their most recent work. “We have been extremely busy recently, and it is particularly worth noting how much of our work is coming from houses that are being purchased, or being built, in high surface water risk areas, as opposed to being in a fluvial or tidal high risk area. Councils and Conveyancing lawyers are generally very good at identifying fluvial and coastal flood risks, but sometimes the surface water high risk flood zone can slip through the net, which can end up being extremely costly for the developer or purchaser who are trying to arrange insurance or mortgages. We are helping to identify this.” “I started the company in January 2008, which was at the start of the recession. The construction industry reduced significantly during the recession, meaning we had an extremely difficult start up period to contend with. It is also difficult being a woman in this business, as sometimes it means that people do not take you seriously, and you have to work much harder to get work in. However, we managed to weather this storm and produced technical reports and cost effective engineered solutions, managing to gradually build up our reputation by achieving positive results. Most of our work now comes from repeat business and referrals from architects, planning consultants and solicitors.” In the last six months, Premier Water Solutions have diversified to provide a one stop shop for the design and installation of waste water treatment plants and drainage systems for domestic and trade effluent. “We can secure all the necessary legal permits for the work such as planning permission, building regulations approval, environmental permits and other such permits. We have listened to our clients and the general feedback that we have received was that they like how we deliver a project, and now they want us to see the project through to installation and commissioning. Our clients asked for this service, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to confirm that we are able to deliver this now.” Environmental Consultant of the Year - UK Premier Water Solutions Ltd is a small to medium sized environmental consultancy company, based in Cornwall. The main focus of the business is undertaking Flood Risk Assessments, which cover all aspects of flooding such as fluvial, coastal, pluvial, highways, and sewers. Louisa Inch, Founder and Managing Director, talks to us about the challenges that she has faced since beginning Premier Water Solutions. A WB10010 Contact Details Company: Premier Water Solutions Ltd Name: Louisa Inch Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.premierwatersolutions.co.uk Telephone: 07780950824

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