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November 29, 2018


Best Laminated Polymer Separation Specialists 2018 & Award for Excellence in Environmental Sustainability - Australia

his process works on a number of laminated plastic and paperboard .I have separated around 24 different products using this process.Such as,coffee cups ,tetra pacs, PVC VINYL Banner and tarpaulins ,Nappies,

Fibre Optic Cable, plastic and PVC copper wire,Pringle pacs,wine bladders,tablet blister packs,shoes,chip packs,Car tyres,and the list goes on.

My biggest problem is getting this out into the world so companies can see that their product can be recycled as I have read articles from many countries looking for answers for a lot of these items to be recycled. I say look no further as here is your answer it can be done .Do not change how you make it as by using this process you now can have your product recycled by using this process.

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