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The ever-popular Construction & Engineering Awards, now celebrating its fourth annual year at BUILD, is delighted to return in 2018!

As the sector is bouncing back, following a tough year, the industry is back again to do what it does best, design and build the best world around us. With sustainable solutions, greater HSE standards and regulations including ever challenging environmental considerations. The markets involved in these endeavours, and more, continue to experience growth.

Incorporating all variation of enterprises across the construction and engineering disciplines, who thrive in this dynamic sector, our awards program engages in the process of honouring those whose work may span civil, commercial, energy, residential, industrial and infrastructure projects! Our pledge is to award the companies from this sector who form the backbone of the industry, working day-in-day-out to build a better future for all!

In our road to uncovering the best-of-the-best, we ask that you cast  your votes showing to whom , you feel recognition is most truly deserving!   

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