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The infrastructure industry provides the backbone of our society - the lifeblood of our built environment - with dedicated individuals and devoted companies working tirelessly to maintain a robust system that delivers an incredible service. From electrical and telecommunications, to architecture and construction, the accomplishments achieved by these outstanding parties will not go understated. The Infrastructure Awards have striven to recognise those who make the industry what it is, and for the third year, we will endeavour to once again only recognise the best.

From those who maintain our physical networks in areas such as construction, energy & utilities, to communication and transportation, the Infrastructure Awards will unearth the hidden heroes, providing the platform for them to showcase their achievements which allow for the functioning of our global village.

Whether you have worked on major infrastructure projects in fields such as biomass plants and new rail schemes, or have contributed in soft infrastructure institutions like finance, health care, education and culture, the Infrastructure Awards will provide the recognition of those truly deserving.

All participating parties can rest assured that only the best are selected for success, and that each award is a testament to the services of institutions and individual within the industry. We employ a rigorous and robust research process to make ensure that only the best receives one of our prestigious accolades.

To ensure that this year is again an accurate representation of the best that his market has to offer, we need your input. Please make your voice heard and fill in the voting form below to cast your vote for the company you feel deserves this important acknowledgement.

If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to consult the FAQ page HERE, or feel free to get in touch with the program coordinator, Kaven Cooper, via email: [email protected]

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