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Now in its second year, the acclaimed Home Builder Awards 2018 aim to show gratitude to the innovative and ground-breaking firms and individuals across the sector. Whilst celebrating the industry itself, we also wish to provide recognition to the leading businesses and their individuals - paying tribute to the exceptional work they have carried out over the past 12 months.

The awards aim to cover all aspects of home building, from businesses who are involved in the very beginning of a project, to those at the very end – and everyone in between. From engineers to architects; and builders to tradespeople, we understand every discipline plays a vital role.

Success in these coveted awards develops a company's reputation in the eyes of their customers as each of our winners are judged based on merit and merit alone. However, we need your help to ensure that our winners are a true representation of the very best. Therefore, to make your voice heard, please use the nomination form below to cast either a self or third-party nomination for the Home Builder Awards 2018.

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2018 Home Builder Awards

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